High School Computer Competition

High School Computer Competition

The High School Computer Competition is fueled by our program throughout the year. The students will learn basic database structure and coding. The curriculum is designed to expose our youth to the concepts of computers and give them the expertise to develop web applications. Some chapters will participate in regional competitions throughout the country to further prepare their students. Our chapter can send one team of 3-5 students to the National Conference to compete against teams from chapters all over the country.

The final 3-5 students get to showcase their talents in the National Competition which consists of a timed computerized written exam, oral questions, and the development of a web application. If they feel creative, they can also participate in a team t-shirt competition.

At the National Conference the selected 3-5 students will be able to attend Workshops and Seminars covering

• Personal Development
• Academic Development
• Youth Entrepreneurship and Information Technology
The students can also participate in
• Corporate Sponsored luncheons and receptions
• Visits to educational attractions in the hosting city (i.e. museums and college tours)
• Networking evenings with IT professionals and students from around the country


You may apply online by CLICKING THIS LINK.