For 40 years, BDPA has enabled the upward mobility of African Americans and other minorities in the Information Technology (IT) and STEM fields. Through its 40+ local community chapters in major cities across the United States, BDPA has been at the forefront of promoting the minority agenda within the IT profession since 1975. BDPA has been a leader and pioneer in technology and STEM training for IT professionals and High School students since 1986. Our National High School Computer Competition (HSCC) program which is a hands-on training program, has introduced tens of thousands of high school students to coding and application development while also presenting opportunities for students to obtain college scholarships due to the generosity of our sponsors and partners. Because of BDPA's focus on students and professional members alike, we continue to support and lead the upward success of our members "from the classroom to the boardroom".


To build a pipeline of diverse professionals and aspiring students in the STEM and digital technology fields through innovative professional and technical development programs and activities.

Our Vision

To be the leading and most recognized organization in enabling digital leadership preparedness for aspiring diverse professionals.


  • That our purpose is to serve and elevate others
  • That preparing students and young professionals today for leadership tomorrow is a necessity
  • That a talented and diverse group of people is the most creative and innovative workforce


Established in 2002. We believe in creating community leaders.

Today's leaders require more than one set of skills. The new crop of aspiring technology leaders will have the best chance of obtaining leadership roles when they are well-rounded with exposure and expertise in many facets of operations and technology leadership. That means, operational skills like finance, governance, and process will be just as important as technology and soft-skills. The NEXT group of new leaders are expected to have an entrepreneurial mind-set - it will be expected that they understand what it takes to build and grow a business and how technology enables top and bottom line growth.

Our chapter is focused on developing our members to strengthen their leadership skills in the areas of: presentation skills, business acumen, relationship building, developing others and building high performing teams. The objective is to insure our members are well-rounded and obtain the core skills needed to provide value back to their respective organization and propel that professional career forward.


We offer our members not only information but communicative guidance and support.


  • Members Development Program
  • National BDPA Technology Conference workshops
  • Chapter and regional workshops and seminars
  • Professional development webinars and seminars


  • Understanding budgeting
  • Identifying and understanding cost cutting initiatives
  • See beyond the sound bites of the top and bottom line
  • Key components of an Income Statement
  • Key components of a Balance Sheet


  • Define branding
  • Key components of a business plan